Forbidden Bonds by Lexi C Foss

Forbidden Bonds

Well, I have been jolly remiss of late in posting my reviews. My sincere apologies! But for my comeback, what a book I’ve got for you…

So, Forbidden Bonds is the second book in the Immortal Curse series, and although I really enjoyed Blood Laws (book 1) Forbidden Bonds is that much better. Maybe because the world of Ichorian’s and Hydrians is already set up so I don’t need to learn the complexities of the environment…yeah maybe it’s that. But I actually think it’s more to do with the characters of Tom and Amelia (particularly Tom).

In Blood Laws, Tom came across as a bit of an arse (to coin an Amelia term lol), and so it was with a little trepidation that I opened the pages of Forbidden Bonds….within a chapter, I was hooked. Tom is FABULOUS. He’s certainly got a chequered past which has moulded the man he is today, but the growth in his character was a joy to watch. And phew….the man is HOT and SWOONWORTHY.

Amelia too, goes on quite a journey. I’ll warn you now, there are some pretty difficult scenes with Amelia – but the fact she comes out of the other side stronger, more tenacious, more amazing is testament to Lexi’s development of her character throughout the novel.
It was also brilliant to get more of Balthazar who is my absolute fave…bar none. While the next two books in the series aren’t going to focus on B, I am not averse to begging…..yes begging (and possibly bribing) the author to consider giving us B’s story.

I highly recommend Forbidden Bonds, but do check out Blood Laws first to get a true understanding of the story and world building.


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