Double Jeopardy by M.A. Conley

Double Jeopardy

So, a bit like buses, no reviews for ages and then two come along at once! For my second review, I have a novel from the hugely talented M. A. Comley who, for those who know me, will be aware of how much I LOVE her Justice Series

Now this series is new to me. Double Jeopardy is the first novel in the ‘Hero’ series that I’ve read, although it is the fourth novel overall. I was assured this could be read without reading the others, and that is absolutely true. However for those who prefer to know what comes before, I’d encourage you to read the others in the series.

The setting for the novel is Manchester which is close to my home town. I loved the local feel of it especially when something was written that I recognised, like a landmark, or a particular road. It’s always so exciting to me when that happens!

Okay, so on with the review. Hero Nelson is a hard-working Detective Inspector with a lot on his plate. Juggling a challenging job and a growing family isn’t easy.

When the owner and CEO of a very successful private company is brutally murdered, Hero and his partner, Julie, are in a race to find out what happened before the killer strikes again. The motive eludes them. It can’t be robbery because the victim was found with a large sum of cash about his person, but then if that wasn’t the motive, where is his car? And what does his (if I may say) shifty partner have to do with his death.

The pace of the novel isn’t so fast that you struggle to keep up with goings on, but it does increase towards the climax – as all good novels should, and I found the ending extremely satisfying.

I have Torn Apart (the first novel) on my Kindle, and I’ll definitely be going back and reading it.

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