The Prince’s Game by Lexi C Fox

The Prince's Game

Well, you know what they say about buses….in my case it’s reviews. This Sunday brings not one, but two reviews and my second, is The Prince’s Game by Lexi C. Foss.

Evan Mershano is a billionaire hotel owner who’s looking for a wife and mother to his heir. So he does what every billionaire does – he goes on a game show! Riiiggghhhtttt.

Except, it isn’t quite as straightforward as that. Because Evan doesn’t want a wife, and he certainly doesn’t want children, but unfortunately, there’s a tiny problem. If Evan wants to keep his fortune, he doesn’t have a choice.

Sarah Summers finds herself on the show thanks to a prank by her identical twin sister, Abby (who I would have absolutely¬†killed if she’d done to me what she does to Sarah).

Evan and Sarah hit it off, and when Evan reveals to Sarah that if she refuses his proposal at the end of the show (which extracts him from his marital responsibilities), then he will fund her ambitions to start her own marketing firm.

My Review

Anyone following my blog knows that I love to read a wide variety of genre’s. Sometimes, I want the dark, gritty underworld that crime thrillers bring, sometimes I want to be swept away into a fantasy world, and sometimes, I want something exactly like this book. The Prince’s Game is such an easy read. The pages simply fly by and before you know it, you’ve reached the end.

I adored Evan and Sarah. Yes the premise of finding your match on a game show is very ‘The Batchelor’, but the twist that Evan isn’t there of his own volition gives this light romance a nice bit of conflict and tension.

Sarah is a brilliant character. Witty, charming, believable, I’d definitely go for a night on the town with her – it would be a night you wouldn’t forget.

Evan is hot, sure, but he’s also a really nice guy and I liked how the author showed that. She let us see his vulnerability and his inner turmoil at having to play out this stupid game, but he does it with grace, even though some of the contestants would challenge my nan’s patience (and she was a very patient woman!)

There’s also a secondary storyline threading through; that of Rachel (Sarah’s best friend) and Will (Evan’s cousin) which is the subject of the second book in the series and one I am very much looking forward to.

I would definitely recommend this book for a light easy read with likeable characters and a satisfactory ending.

With thanks to the author for an advance copy of The Prince’s Game.


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