Defaced by Marissa Farrar


Hi all. Happy Sunday! I must admit, my reading and, therefore reviewing, has had to take a bit of a backseat recently as I get ready for the release of my own book next month. However, I have managed to squeeze in a couple of books, one of which is Defaced by Marissa Farrar. This book has been on my TBR for too long so I’m thrilled I finally found the time to read.

Defaced is a pretty dark novel in parts, and it’s billed a such, although through its heart is a love story.

Monster, a child with a facial deformity, is hidden away by his criminal father. He’s never seen the outside world and so when his father dies and Monster inherits his father’s considerable (and criminal) business interests, Monster is suddenly thrust into a world he knows little about, despite his father’s ‘teachings’.

Lily, a laser therapist, has her own demons to contend with. Apart from her work, Lily keeps herself to herself. One night, her whole life is thrown into turmoil when Lily is kidnapped and taken to Monster. She’s given an impossible task – to fix him, make him acceptable in front of his business associates.

But what will happen to Lily if she fails?

My Review

I’ve put off writing this review because I wasn’t sure how to phrase the way this book made me feel. Lily’s kidnap scene is graphic, current and very scary. Marissa Farrar certainly doesn’t soft-soap it for a romance audience. However, once at Monster’s estate, I found it much less dark and much more sad.

I did enjoy the interspersed chapters where we get to travel back in time, to when Monster was a child, and we are shown just how awful his life was, which helps us understand the man he is today.

Lily accepts her fate to remain Monster’s ‘prisoner’ until he is fixed pretty quickly. I could understand this because it’s made clear there is nowhere to go, but where I struggled a little more was how quickly she succumbed to him as a person. We, the reader, could absolutely empathise, because we saw his journey, but Lily did not have that luxury. I would have liked to see her hold out longer than she did, especially as she has her own problems to contend with.

Overall, I liked this book and I will probably download the others to see how Monster’s story progresses, but I’d have liked to see a little more grit and a little less acquiescence from Lily when it came to her fragile heart.


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