Flawed (Mercenary Series Book 3) by Marissa Farrar


I took to this series from the very first page of Skewed, Book 1 in the series. They are thrillers at heart but with relationships at the forefront of what drives the main characters and I really enjoy reading those type of books.

I loved the old covers, but for some reason, the author has changed them. Maybe the old covers weren’t attracting the right audience, but I do miss them. They were things of beauty in my humble opinion, but this is a business after all, and if things need to change to appeal wider, then that’s what must happen.

If you want to see what the old covers looked like, or to check out my review of the first two in the series, you can do so  here (Skewed) and here (Warped)

Flawed follows on from where Warped (Book 2) left off. Vee is left reeling from receiving some unexpected news and her father, mobster Mickey Five Fingers is still very much out for vengeance. Vee and X flee into the Catskill Mountains north of New York to hide out until X can figure out how to get her father off their trail – and being a hitman, that doesn’t involve taking him out for a pint and hoping he’ll be reasonable!

But before X can achieve his mission, the couple are hit from left field. X has enemies. Lots of them. And they are out for revenge.

My Review

Marissa crafts what i would term an easy read; the prose flows and the chapters skip by. She uses description well; it is easy to slip into the minds of her characters as though you are right there with them.

Vee is a great character; she drew me in from the very beginning of this series. She’s ballsy, tenacious, tough and isn’t afraid of taking risks, but at the same time, you see her vulnerability come through, her deep love for her sister driving a lot of her decisions, and her desperate desire to be safe and free from the clutches of her hateful father.

X is just fabulous. I love the way Marissa shows how his love for Vee softens him, but only where she is concerned. When it comes to taking out the bad guys, there he is a merciless as ever.

This is quite a short novel and so the action moves very fast, leaving you little time to get bored or to start flicking through pages; if you do that, you’ll miss a pertinent point. But you don’t need to put aside a whole day to read it, so if it’s a quick, easy fast-paced read you’re looking for which centres around a strong woman and a hot guy, then this is the series for you.

X and Vee’s story will conclude in a fourth novel (something which surprised me as, for some reason, I had assumed only 3), but fear not if you’re not a huge fan of cliffhangers. The final instalment is due in July 2017!

Buy Links

The Mercenary Series so far is currently available in a three book boxed set

Individual Novels
Skewed – Amazon UK
Warped – Amazon UK
Flawed – Amazon UK

All titles are also available at Amazon US






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