Impeding Justice by Mel Comley

Impeding Justice

You know when you discover a new book and then find out there’s a whole series of them just waiting for you to devour? Well that’s what happened to me when I read Prime Justice by Mel Comley. And so, of course, I just had to go get the next, and the next and the….well, you get the picture.

Impeding Justice is the second novel following DI Lorne Simkins. It’s about a year since the end of Prime Justice (think I’ve got that right) and this time, Lorne is tracking ‘The Unicorn’ an evil terrorist who she’s been trying to capture for eight years. Eight long years. But every time she gets close, he slips through her fingers.

The novel opens with Lorne, once again, having cornered ‘The Unicorn’. She and her partner have him trapped in an alley, but backup is too slow to arrive and without the ability to return fire with fire, The Unicorn escapes. But not before he’s put a couple of bullets in her partner, Pete.

With her confidence shaken at the death of her partner, Lorne remains nonetheless determined to bring down this ruthless killer. But then her daughter, Charlie, is kidnapped.

My Review

After finishing Impeding Justice twenty-four hours ago, I’m still struggling to organise my feelings and calm my pulse. Brutal. That’s the word which immediately comes to mind to describe the mill that Mel Comley put me through reading this book.

The Unicorn, at times, comes across as almost a caricature of a villain, but he is far, far from that. Evil isn’t a strong enough word to describe him, and Mel Comley does not shy away—not one little bit—from the hard stuff here. She deals with the reality of a heinous criminal and the lengths these type of people will go to in order to continue their life of crime.

I’m trying to write a review which won’t give away any spoilers, but it isn’t easy. I’ve written and deleted several paragraphs which some reviewers may not have an issue with, but for me, they just give away a little too much. The twists and turns and downright shocks come thick and fast as Lorne gets closer and closer to reeling The Unicorn in. But this is no ordinary criminal. He’s several steps ahead of Lorne at all times. And he has a personal vendetta against her, one he’s going to make sure she suffers through.

And the ending…..I’m shocked and saddened…and shocked some more.

Lorne isn’t your average cool, calm and collected police detective. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s real. She reacts, at times when she shouldn’t, but she doesn’t apologise for her faults. She uses them to drive her, to ground her, to keep her moving forward.

I can already see this series is going to get better and better. I need a break. I need to recover. And then I’m diving straight back in.


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