Review of King by T. M. Frazier


Okay, I’m going to be honest here. I downloaded this for two reason; 1) It was on offer and 2)  A couple of my friends who I trust LOVED it.

I’m honestly struggling to write a review of this book, which is unlike me. Even with books I didn’t particularly like, I usually find the words flowing, but with ‘King’, my fingers are hovering, directionless, over the keys.

I think part of the difficulty comes from the schizophrenic nature of the novel. Strong language and even stronger sex mixed with what I can only describe as childish reactions from the main character, Doe, a girl who has lost her memory and ended up in King’s world, a just-out-of-jail bad boy who, on the surface you’d want to avoid at all costs, but beneath the veneer was simply a confused and messed up dude.

The whole novel lurched between over-reaction layered on over-reaction, driven from the motivation of Doe, a starving girl without her memory who makes bad choices, but then we find out that King knows who she is from the very beginning of their association by….a simple Google search. And so that begs the question; couldn’t Doe have done that for herself? Of COURSE she could, hence the more than ridiculous premise of the novel.

I would have given this novel the swerve at less than 25% in, were it not for my friends loving it so much. Therefore, I pressed on. My interest was piqued at around 75% and I did enjoy the rest of the novel (apart from one ridiculous scene which I won’t mention due to spoilers), but really, a novel needs to do more than make you wait until 3/4 of the way through before it delivers promise.

King had all the elements of a great bad-boy, but didn’t quite hit the heights he could have, while Doe made all the right noises of a tough ‘I can take care of myself thank-you-very-much’ kind of girl, but I found some of her decisions frankly laughable. The best character was Preppy, King’s best friend, and I believe he has his own books later in the series.

This novel has a fabulous number of 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon, and, as I mentioned, friends who have a very similar taste in books to me absolutely loved it. Therefore, I’ll end this review by encouraging you to make your own mind up….but this wasn’t a novel for me.



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