Cruel Justice by M. A. Comley


cannot believe how long it has took me to get around to reading this book, but for some reason it just kept dropping further and further down my TBR pile. I’m so glad it finally clawed its way to the top.

Lorne Simpkins –  recently been promoted to Detective Inspector – suddenly finds herself thrust into the worst case of her career when a headless body is found in the woods. They eventually identify the woman as a wealthy widow living nearby, but it’s when they go to break the news to her sister that the case takes a strange turn.

Before Lorne can start to piece together the macabre murder, a young girl goes missing. Are the cases connected or does she have two killers on the loose?

My Review

This book grabbed me from the prologue which, I won’t lie, is utterly brutal. The author pulls absolutely no punches showing you the depths of depravity that the killer in this case will go to, the levels of torture he will inflict on his victims. It is somewhat of a relief when the prologue ends and you are thrust into Lorne’s life.

Lorne’s newly promoted status is putting strain on her marriage; sixteen hour days, a madman on the loose, a boss to impress and a team to lead doesn’t exactly leave a lot of time for house-husband Tom or their child, Charlie and as the cracks begin to show, Lorne time and again chooses her job over her family.

I empathised with Lorne’s plight, but there was the odd time I wanted her, just once, to delegate and choose instead to spend a night with her poor husband who was suffering from a distinct case of cabin fever.

As the victims grow and the puzzle deepens, Lorne is drawn further away from her family and deeper into the horror of the case unfolding before her.

The pace felt just about right – the killer’s motivations were unveiled piece by piece and as Lorne closed in, I found myself reading faster and faster, desperate to get to the end. For me, that’s a key sign of a book that has me hooked.

And the best thing – I’ve discovered a series which has a whole load of other books out that I can devour.




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