Review of The Facilitator by Tracie Podger


I’d never read this author before, but when I saw the book on THE Book Club on Facebook, I offered to read and review as the blurb sounded intriguing.

Now before I start my review, I will say this book is not for those easily offended or with sensitive dispositions. The language is graphic and the sex is frequent, descriptive and includes M/M, M/F/F and light BDSM. Of course, as I’m not easily offended, I dived right in!

Lauren Perry is going through a painful divorce. Her husband (and childhood sweetheart) Scott, cheated on her with his assistant at the company they both work for. She feels worthless, unattractive and worst of all, she’s terribly lonely.

And then she has a chance meeting with a stranger at a bar and, taking a risk for the first time in her life, she sleeps with him.

Filled with regret, Lauren runs out on the mystery man while he is sleeping, only to later find out he is Mackenzie Miller, the man who her boss, Jerry, has sold the majority share of his company to.

But Lauren can’t stop thinking about Mackenzie, and when he offers to fulfil every sexual desire Lauren has (including those she doesn’t even know she has yet), she reluctantly accepts. Horrified at her reaction to some of her darkest desires, Lauren continually fights her feelings, her emotions, but what started out as a game becomes something much more, much deeper and Lauren finally begins to realise who she really is.

Whilst this book is badged as contemporary romance, it is much more erotic than that, but unlike some erotic romance novels, this novel has a believable and progressive plot and is much more about discovery and growth through sexual fantasies than purely graphic sex.

Lauren intrigued me as a character. For someone who, although married for a long time, had limited sexual experience, she jumped really quickly into what Mackenzie was offering, but I didn’t find her decision far-fetched, rather that Mackenzie was terribly persuasive.

Now Mackenzie, ahh Mackenzie, where do I find one of those? I loved the way his character was slowly revealed. We gradually see the onion layers peeled off to reveal the man behind the mystery. I thought he was a brilliant character, well crafted, well developed and hot, hot, hot.

I had one pet peeve – the use of the word panties from an English girl. But that is just a personal pet peeve and in no way detracted from my enjoyment of the book.

I really enjoyed being a part of Lauren and Mackenzie’s journey. The Facilitator is an easy read, the story flowed well, and I didn’t get bored at all – and Tracie Podger has a knack for writing very hot sex scenes!

Mackenzie and Lauren’s story isn’t over. I can’t wait for part 2.


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