Warped by Marissa Farrar


Before I start my review, I’d just like to say “Wow” to that cover. How gorgeous is that, and how very Vee!

Warped is the second novel in the Mercenary Series. If you’d like to read my review of the first in the series, Skewed, you can do so  here.

Note – the following review contains spoilers of the first novel – Skewed – but no spoilers of Warped. If you have not yet read Skewed, you may not want to read this review.


The novel begins right where we left it at the end of Skewed. Vee and her sister are now being protected by Tony Mancini, a rival of her father, after Vee’s sister, Nickie, decided to take matters into her own hands and reveal their Witness Protection identities. Tony has vowed to keep them safe until Vee can testify against her father; problem is, what happens then?

X, who was shot by Tony at the end of Skewed, turns up in hospital, lucky to be alive, but with everything intact – except his memory. He might not remember who he is, but he knows one thing; he’s not your run-of-the-mill individual.

When a man called Harvey turns up at the hospital claiming to know who X is and offers him a place to stay while X recovers, X is understandably suspicious, but realises he has little choice as he grapples with the dark space where his memories should be.

I loved being back with Vee and X again. Vee is the same tough, independent character she was in the first and X is just as mysterious and sexy, although we do get to see more of the man beneath the stone heart in this one, which I loved.

Sadly (for Vee), Nickie is still the same selfish, irritating and downright frustrating girl she was in the first novel. I wanted to hit her in that one, but in this one, she takes my intense dislike of her to a new level. Vee is a better girl than me; if Nickie were my sister, I’d have cut her from my life long ago.

Marissa’s writing is as wonderful as ever, with prose that almost sings along the page. She has a fabulous way with words; her descriptive text is enough to draw you a detailed picture, but not so much that you find yourself skipping paragraphs, and her dialogue is punchy and informative.

If I had one criticism about the book, it would be the character of Harvey. His offer to help X, and potentially put his own life in danger just didn’t seem to have enough motivation for me. This wasn’t someone offering to do your shopping or pick your kid up from school. This was volunteering to get involved with someone who could get you killed. Perhaps if X had something over Harvey, that Harvey owed him a debt of gratitude in some way, then it wouldn’t have jarred as much as it did.

However, that is a minor gripe in a book that I otherwise thoroughly enjoyed.

Link to purchase Skewed can be found  here

Link to purchase Warped can be found  here

Link to preorder Flawed (the third book in the Mercenary series) can be found  here


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