Review of Frailty by Betsy Reavley


A missing child. Frantic parents. Police at a loss as to where she may be.

Danny and Libby Bird are about to experience every parent’s worst nightmare—their eight year old child, Hope, trots to the local shop which is at the end of their road and a journey she has made many times before…..and then she never makes it home.

Where is she?

What would you do if this was your child?

I purchased my kindle copy of Frailty on 15th November with every intention of digging right in….and then I became distracted and somehow, it trickled further and further down my TBR pile. And then I received a text from my sister…

“Jesus, I’ve just finished listening to a book called Frailty by Betsy Really……It’s a shocker but I couldn’t stop listening to it. It’s probably the only book to affect me in the heart….read it.”

My reply….”It’s on my TBR….and just got bumped.”

And so I sat down today to read it….and didn’t stop until I’d finished.

I honestly don’t know what to tell you about how this book made me feel, but Betsy Reavley has triumphed with this novel. I associated most with Libby, Hope’s mother. God, how I felt her pain as her whole life unravelled. But my heart also cracked for Danny, Hope’s father, and Danny’s parents who are surely the parents-in-law sent from heaven, unlike Libby’s own parents who I had an overwhelming urge to throttle!

The novel moves at just the right pace; not so quick that it moves too fast through the emotions, but not so slow that you are willing it to get a move on. And the ending has a very satisfying ring to it (I won’t share whether the ending is a sad or happy one).

And if you’re into audio books more than written, my sister’s final comments….

“Probably the only book I’ve listened to where I’ve had heart palpitations, and the narrator was so perfect for the story….loved it.”

What’s that? You haven’t got a copy yet? What are you waiting for!





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