Review Time – My Girl by Jack Jordan


Last year, this book was receiving a lot of attention on THE Book Club on Facebook, and so I did what I always do – I downloaded it….and forgot all about it.

Fast forward to 2017 and I am making a concerted effort to cut through that TBR pile, to refrain (not always successfully) from buying more books until I’ve put a serious dint in what I already have. Of course, that doesn’t stop me adding to my Wish List 🙂

I don’t know what made me choose this from the hundreds I have, but I am so glad I did.

Paige Dawson has lost everything. Her daughter was murdered ten years ago, and no one has ever been brought to justice; her husband, unable to cope with Paige’s grief—and his own—slashes his wrists in the bath, and to top it all off, Paige is probably going mad.

Paige drowns her grief in alcohol, lots and lots of alcohol, but when she is clearing out her husband’s study and finds a gun, questions start to seep into her alcohol infused mind. Why  did Ryan have a gun? Did he know more than he was letting on about their daughter’s death?

Paige begins to dig…and finds more than she bargained for.

My Girl is split into three books – but the transition isn’t clunky. Instead it is jaw-droppingly brilliant – and more than a little terrifying.

At the end of Book 1, I actually muttered out loud “Jack Jordan, you utter genius”.

I may not have seen it coming because I am incredibly gullible, but even if that is true, it doesn’t detract from how fabulous this book is and how much I enjoyed it.

Now don’t get me wrong; about ninety minutes from the end, I had to take a break. It was just too hard. You know that old saying “truth is stranger than fiction?” Well, none more so than in this book (when you read it, you will know what I mean).

My Girl is fairly short for a novel – only 248 printed pages – but the story doesn’t need anything more than that. Jack hasn’t padded the story out just so he can get over 300 pages. It’s told – beautifully told – in exactly the amount of time it needed to be.

Bravo Jack Jordan.

Five humungous stars!


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