Vicious by L. J. Shen


I read a lot of different genres; Crime, Thriller, Psychological Thriller, PNR, Straight romance, Romantic Suspense, Erotica, Fantasy, well, you get the picture.

Most of my inability to settle on one comes from my low boredom threshold. And it’s when I sit down to books like Vicious, that I’m grateful for that easy tedium.

I saw Vicious recommended on Wopsywoobookblog (Great name, right!) and the review she wrote made Vicious sound right up my street.

It was.

Ten years ago, Baron Spencer Jr, aka Vicious, ruined Emilia’s senior year in high school. He bullied her, tortured her, threatened her, but it’s when she started dating one of his closest friends, that Vicious truly lived up to his name. He threatened her parents and her sister, Rosie, (who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis) would be homeless and jobless unless she took his $20 grand and disappeared. For good.

Ten years later, Emilia is living in New York with her sister. Broke and in debt with a desperate need to keep her sister in medication, Emilia is working two jobs trying to make ends meet. Her day can’t get any worse when she is fired from one job and mugged en route to her second, a waitress in a bar frequented by New York high rollers.

Except it does.

Putting her best smile on because she needs the tips, she is horrified when the table she is serving just happens to have Vicious sitting at it. Ten years may have passed, but Vicious still owns her ass. And he has aged well. Very well. In fact, all those earlier feelings she repressed back in high school come roaring back.

But Vicious didn’t get his nickname for nothing, and the years haven’t softened him at all. In fact, he’s even more cruel, more dangerous, more vile. But he needs something from Emilia. Something only she can provide. And he’ll do anything to get it.

My Rambling thoughts

I should have hated this book. Vicious appeared to have no redeeming features. We all like a bad boy, but there has to be a reason for him to be a bad boy, and yet Vicious seemed to like being evil, for the sake of being evil.

Of course, life is never that simple, and we get some way in to the book before Vicious’s motivation and reasoning for his behaviour starts to become clear. And by then, I was hooked. No strike that, I was in love.

There’s nothing new to the plot here; bad boy, good girl. It’s formulaic. But don’t let that put you off. Some of Vicious’s one liners had me laughing out loud, even though I was simultaneously cringing and feeling strong empathy for the poor soul on the receiving end.

Sometimes, you just need to read a book that’s easy, that doesn’t require you to concentrate hard, that’s a wild ride – and has your emotions all over the place.

Look no further.

Five massively brilliant stars



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