Gone missing, but back soon

I have a couple of reviews to catch up on, but my reading and reviewing mojo has taken a trip south.

Last Sunday, my beloved Westie, Joey, sadly passed away. He was 14 and a half, which is pretty good going for a Westie, but regardless, he will be hugely missed.

He was such a scamp; extremely territorial, he would let the local dogs know who was cock of the manor, but when you got him away from his usual haunts, he would calm down somewhat – at least with other dogs!

He loved life, loved chasing cats, chickens, rabbits, squirrels (anything that would run really), and up until a year ago, he had boundless energy.

But it was at home where he would tug on your heartstrings; he loved sitting on the stairs with me and he would lean heavily into my side whilst I cuddled him – he LOVED cuddles.

One of his favourite spots was up on the couch, tucked in between my husband’s legs, watching TV. He began to notice TV about the age of one, and he never tired of it. He would watch entire movies, transfixed by the moving images, or he would become entranced by an advert. Later in life, he decided to take a dislike to cordless vacuum cleaners; he wasn’t brand biased – he hated them all – and he would bark like crazy until the advert had finished.

A huge part of my life is missing, and I have a hole in my heart. His brother, Jake, is also suffering -wandering from room to room looking for his wingman. I’m giving out extra cuddles and extra treats, but I know nothing will make up for losing his brother.

So please forgive me for going missing for a wee while. I’ll be back with some fabulous reviews of some amazing books I have queued in my TBR pile; for now, I want to spend a little time remembering my beloved puppy – there will never be another like him

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