Review of Safe With Me by K.L. Slater


Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher, Bookouture, for granting me an ARC of this novel.

Safe With Me is the debut novel from K.L. Slater, and is another really good psychological thriller brought to us by Bookouture, who are definitely carving a reputation for discovering new talent.

The novel focuses on Anna who, thirteen years ago, experienced an event which changed the course of her life, turning her into the person she is today. This event gradually unfolds as the story progresses. There’s no big-bang; the author drops snippets of information as she oscillates between present day and thirteen years previously.

Anna definitely has psychological problems, and K.L. Slater does a sterling job of taking us inside a chaotic mind and how the simplest of things quickly become out of control when you have a mental illness.

Anna’s POV is told in first person, but there are several other POV’s told in third person. This is a fairly new technique in writing, and some die-hard traditionalists may struggle to deal with the combination. However, I really enjoy this modernised approach.

A couple of small critiques:
There was a single scene told from an individual’s POV which I felt was unnecessary (no mentions due to potential spoilers) as it didn’t move the plot forward at all. I understand why the author did it – she wanted to signpost something to the reader – but I felt this could have been achieved in a different way.

We also had insight into a particular part of Carla’s personal life which again, I felt was unnecessary in terms of the story the author was telling. If you simply lifted that scene out, it would not change the course of the novel, nor the reader’s understanding of character.

Overall, this is a very good debut novel and I look forward to seeing what K.L. Slater brings out next


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