Review of S.M.A.F.U. by E.M. Boss


I was gifted a copy of S.M.A.F.U. by THE Book Club (TBC) on Facebook in exchange for an honest review.

Weird title right? That’s what I thought, but actually, on reflection, the title is perfect for anyone who has been married longer than five minutes (or in my case twenty-nine years!)

I almost wrote the shortest review ever when I finished SMAFU….

“I NEED a Cherisse” and “You NEED to buy this book”.

But then that wouldn’t be doing justice to the hard work the author has put into this book, so I gave myself a telling-off and decided to write a proper review.

Steve and Mary, a couple ignoring the terminal state of their seventeen-year-old marriage move house next to ninety-year-old Cherisse, a wily old bird with a seriously smutty past!

Cherisse’s ‘advice’ told through stories of her past, cut through the silence, ignorance and plain old-fashioned ‘sticking your head in the sand’ that both Mary and Steve have accepted as their lot in life.

At times, I wanted to slap both Steve and Mary (something Cherisse does to Steve once which was such a funny scene), at others I wanted to shout ‘Yes! I know what you mean”. SMAFU is a wonderfully sad and at the same time, inspiring ride through a marriage which, surely, will resonate with a large proportion of the population. When you have been married longer than five minutes, it’s so easy to take the other person for granted, to get caught up in your career, your mortgage, your bills and your kids.

Steve and Mary are both good people gone wrong through the tribulations life throws at the majority of us.

SMAFU is funny, heartbreaking and uplifting (and that’s a lot for any author to achieve).

We all need a Cherisse in our lives. Sadly, that particular character is all too rare in real life. One thing it has made me think though…..When I grow up, I want to be Cherisse.

Highly recommended.



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