Review of All Fall Down by Tom Bale


After devouring See How They Run, I could not wait for this to land on my kindle, and pre-ordered as soon as it, well, came up for pre-order.

Rob and Wendy Turner are enjoying a Sunday afternoon barbecue with one of their twin sons and his girlfriend when a tortured, half-dead man stumbles into their garden. Despite their best efforts, they can’t save him.

But what originally looked like pure chance and bad luck on their part turns out to be something much more sinister.

Someone is watching the family and waiting for their chance to implement their plan. A plan that has been quite a while in the making. And Rob and Wendy will have a fight on their hands if they are to save their twin sons, Evan and Josh, and their daughter, Georgia.

I found it quite hard to like Rob in the beginning. Unlike Harry in See How They Run who I instantly took to, Rob was more of a slow burn, and I will admit I was quite a way into the book before I started to warm to him. But he eventually wormed his way into my affections and in the end, I was rooting for him to triumph.

Josh was awesome. Intelligent, thoughtful and just on the right side of cocky, he was beautifully written.

At one point, I thought I had guessed an element of the book, but turned out to be wrong. It’s one of the things I love about Tom’s writing; he drops little hints that gets everyone’s mind working differently and I, for one, love that style of writing.

There was a part of the book where I thought ‘please don’t go there’ and whilst Tom pushed the envelope, he did step back from the precipice which I, for one, was glad for (when you read the book, I’m sure you’ll guess the scene).

The pacing of this thriller builds slowly, but once the family realise what is going on, the pace is frenetic, frightening and full-on.

Yet another triumph from Mr Bale, and the only thing that makes this four and a half stars instead of five was Wendy who I found a little insipid. I wanted her to be a strong lioness in protection of her family, but in the end, she couldn’t quite fulfil that role.

Still, I can’t recommend this highly enough. Tom Bale creates stories I want to read, even if I wouldn’t want to be a part of them!




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