Review of 600 Hours of Edward by Craig Lancaster

600 Hours of Edward

It took something special for me to divert from my current obsession with psychological thrillers, and I hummed and hawed about which book to read next (my TBR pile is HUGE!)

600 Hours of Edward seemed to have such a following on THE Book Club on Facebook (although I admit, when I first saw the hashtag #teamedward, I did shudder that this was some sort of resurgence to Twilight) that I decided to dive in.

Fear not, intrepid readers, 600 Hours of Edward is about as far removed from a YA vampire novel as you can get.

Edward Stanton Jr. is an obsessive compulsive thirty-nine year old man with Aspergers Syndrome. I am going to be brutally honest here. When I first read the book blurb, I envisaged an extremely repetitive, boring book about some lonely guy who constantly flicks the light-switch on and off, and I struggled to see how you could make an entire novel from such a limited viewpoint.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

There are repetitions; Edward clocks what time he wakes up each day (7.38 a.m. is the most common), what the high and low weather temperatures were on the previous day (for you can’t trust forecasts – they are inherently untrustworthy), and has an extremely narrow sphere of dietary needs, in addition to a rather unhealthy obsession with a 70’s TV show called Dragnet. I did think, as the novel progressed, that these would begin to annoy me. They didn’t. Edward had such a unique way of expressing himself that even though the repetition was there, it seemed fresh and new each time.

Edward is funny. He even admits this to himself at times. And although I never put spoilers in my review, the date scene with Joy is hilarious! So many times, I chuckled aloud at Edward’s thoughts or actions.

There are poignant moments too; at times, my heart cracked for Edward, especially when it came to his relationship (or lack of) with his father.

I don’t know how Craig Lancaster has done it, but nonetheless (I love the word nonetheless)* he has crafted the most wonderful story around a character that, on the surface, may seem irritating or annoying. Edward is neither.

I have already downloaded the next two books. Can’t wait to share more of Edward’s journey, walking right alongside him.


*Especially for those who’ve already read the book 🙂


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