Review Time – The Optician’s Wife by Betsy Reavley

The Optician's Wife

My current obsession with brilliant psychological thrillers continues with The Optician’s Wife, another recommendation from THE Book Club on Facebook.

Deborah is a rather unpopular seventeen year old whose life is going nowhere fast. Her mother died leaving her to bring up her younger sister whilst her father drinks himself into oblivion. But Deborah’s life changes when she meets Larry, a handsome young man several years her senior who, in Deborah’s eyes, is going places. She is also firmly convinced he is way out of her league, and so can’t quite believe it when Larry not only shows an enormous interest in her but, quite quickly, asks her to marry him.

But Larry isn’t all he seems and when a series of grisly murders which have a particularly nasty calling card start to appear around Cambridge, Dee begins to suspect the answers to the murders may be closer to home.

But if you think that’s all this book is about, think again. There are multiple layers, twists and turns and just when you’re certain you’ve guessed where the story is leading you, there’s another whiplash of a twist. In fact, at around 40% in, something happens which actually had me gasping out loud – I did not see it coming at all.

Although I guessed the overall premise, this didn’t spoil my enjoyment of this book one bit; in fact, for me, it actually enhanced my enjoyment because I felt like I’d been let in on some special secret.

And even then, Betsy Reavley had one more twist up her sleeve at the very end…..genius!

A highly recommended thrilling ride which you won’t be disappointed with if brilliantly crafted psychological thrillers are your thing.


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