Review of The Night Stalker by Robert Brenda

The Night Stalker

My review of Robert Bryndza’s second book in the Erika Foster series is long overdue. I finished this book a couple of weeks ago, but have been very lax in updating my blog – and for that I apologise.

This book is a follow on to the highly acclaimed Girl in The Ice (you can read my review of that here)

Having said that, this can be read as a standalone novel; Robert Bryndza yes a fabulous job of making the links necessary to follow the story without those readers of the previous novel feeling like he’s telling them information they already know – and that’s no mean feat.

The love that I found for DCI Erika Foster in the first novel continues with this one. I adore how flawed she is, but at the same time, Robert brings out these flashes where you are able to sneak a peek beneath the tough outer exterior to the real woman inside.

In this novel, Erika and her team (I was so glad to see Moss and Peterson back) are chasing a serial killer which the press have nicknamed The Night Stalker. But unlike The Girl in the Ice, where the killer is revealed to the reader at the same time Erika discovered him, in this book, you find out who the killer is much earlier on – not from the beginning but certainly long before Erika does. I loved that about this book.

Robert’s prose is pristine. It flows along like a babbling brook, and before you know it, you’re turning the last page and cursing the wait until the next book is released.

Roll on October!



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