Review of Daring to Wish by Tracey Rogers

Daring to Wish

Eve Ward has had a pretty rough time. Deciding her life needs a bit of spicing up, she makes a list of things she wants to do before she’s thirty.

When Eve is dared by her friends whilst on a night out to kiss a stranger, Lucas Riley becomes her victim, and Eve thinks he’d be perfect to help her achieve ‘number 8’ on her list – sex with a stranger.

Eve’s list was meant for her eyes only, but when Lucas finds it, he decides he’s going to help Eve tick off a few more things on the list as a way of saying goodbye to his adrenaline junkie life before he’s forced to settle down – but he decides to keep to himself the fact he knows Eve’s deepest, darkest desires.

Daring to Wish is a funny, sexy, easy read that I devoured in one sitting. Tracey Rogers writing has a sweet, almost innocent edge to it, but then just when you think you know what you’re getting, she throws in the unexpected.

Highly recommended read to accompany a glass of wine on a summer’s evening.





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