Review Time – Hard to Forget by Incy Black

Hard to Forget

I love discovering new authors, especially those with a unique voice.

And boy, has Incy Black delivered on that promise.

Four years ago, Major Jack Ballentyne followed Special Agent Lowry Fisk into a death trap. Fortunately, both of them lived to tell the tale, but when he had Lowry drummed out of the British Intelligence Service for her own safety—and his own peace of mind—he knew she’d never forgive him.

Lowry Fisk knew, she just knew, that the Service had a mole, and it was up to the Assassins, the secret black-ops unit of the Service she and Jack belonged to, to find him. And as the Assassins leader, Jack should have believed her, even though she had little evidence beyond a gut feeling. But when he hadn’t, she’d taken it upon herself to find the traitor—and ended up assaulted, shot, and left for dead. Jack had come to her rescue, but it had been too little, too late. Now all she wants to do is forget the attack, the Service, and the sexy, steely-eyed Major with the power to make her feel weak.

But the mole is on the move, and he’s coming for Lowry to finish what he started. Jack has to get the stubborn, dangerously gorgeous woman to let him back into her life and allow him to protect her—without allowing her to worm her way into his heart.


When I finished Hard to Forget, I decided that the author had certainly chosen her title well. Because it was. VERY hard to forget.

I rarely compare authors, because each one has their own unique  voice (aren’t books great!), but with Incy Black, I had the same reaction as I had when I first read J. R. Ward. Sure, there aren’t any vampires in this novel, but Incy has an extremely unique way of laying words on the page. Just like J. R. Ward.

A warning…..the prose is brutal, blunt, but also intriguing, amazing, utterly wonderful. I was absorbed from beginning to end.

Lowry is an amazingly strong woman (the type I love in fiction) and Jack is one hot alpha male. Stubborn, frustrating, downright bloodyminded. And there were times I was shouting out loud (always a good sign) for him to make a different decision.

This weekend, if you’re looking for an amazing slice of escapism, do yourself a favour. Download Hard to Forget.

Five awesomely brilliant 5 stars !








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