Review Time – The Island Escape by Kerry Fisher

The Island Escape

I first discovered Kerry Fisher when I was gifted ‘After the Lie’ by NetGalley (also reviewed on my blog). I loved it so much that I downloaded The Island Escape.

Normally, a book cover like this wouldn’t entice me – a bit too twee – but because I loved her other book so much, I thought I’d giveĀ this one a go.

I opened it on my Kindle, and the first line grabbed me:

‘I was wearing the wrong bra for sitting in a police cell’.

I never looked back.

The book tells the story from two first person POV’s. Roberta Green and Octavia Shelton have been friends since school. But when Roberta’s marriage begins to fall apart, Octavia starts to question her relationship with her steady-but-annoying-as-hell (my words not hers) husband, Jonathan.

Even though the subject matter is quite serious (nothing funny about marriage breakups), this book had me laughing so many times, particularly when inside Octavia’s head. She had some of the most wonderfully funny phrases. During one conversation with Roberta….”Just be grateful you haven’t got boobs that you can tuck into the top of your pants.” Wonderfully real. Brilliantly funny.

Kerry has such an easy writing style. You find yourself swept along by her prose, and before you know it, you are turning the last page and feeling suddenly bereft, as though you have had wonderful friends torn from your life.

If you haven’t read anything by Kerry yet, and you love an easy read with likeable characters about real life stuff, then do check her out. And The Island Escape would be a great place to start.

An utterly fabulous Five Stars


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