Review of Denial – Careless Whispers 1 (Inside Out Series) by Lisa Renee Jones

Phew, what a couple of weeks it has been. My “to read” list is getting larger, but I’ve been crazy busy with a couple of other projects and so haven’t had chance to sit down and give a good book my proper attention.

When I did find a spare day to pick up a book, I had a difficult choice to make. I plumped for Denial, the first book in a series by Lisa Renee Jones. And I’m so glad I did.


Denial focuses on Ella, a young woman who wakes up in hospital after being the victim of a mugging. She finds herself in a strange country, unable to remember who she is. She has complete amnesia, and doesn’t even know her own name.

Kayden is the man who rescued her from her attackers, and becomes her protector whilst Ella tries to find out who she is and why she is so far from home.

As the story unfolds, Ella begins to discover snippets of her life through a series of flashbacks. These are incredibly well done; you feel Ella’s fear, anger and sheer frustration as her mind plays tricks, giving her pieces of a puzzle, but not enough to make the picture whole.

Through it all, Kayden is by her side, but is he all that he seems? A man with a dark past of his own, he appears to have Ella’s best interests at heart, but can she fully trust him?

In a race against time, can Ella discover the pieces of her past before she is caught by whatever she was running from when she lost her memory?

The novel finishes on a cliffhanger (as you would expect for a book series), but it is a rather sudden end. I found myself clicking back and forth on my Kindle, sure it had suffered a technology blip, but no, the end was planned by the author to be that sudden.

Will I buy the next book in the series? Yes, definitely. Lisa has a lovely free, flowing style, and she made me connect with Ella through her prose. I’m looking forward to book two already, and discovering more about Ella’s past.

Thanks to netgalley for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Four fabulous stars




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