Review time – One with You by Sylvia Day

One with You

I was one of millions around the world who loved Syliva Day’s Crossfire series. The story of Eva and Gideon, two very damaged souls who, through finding each other, were able to transcend their demons and come out the other side (relatively) sane.

The first three novels were wonderful, and as I understand it, that is where the story was supposed to finish. But when you have a trilogy as successful as the Crossfire series was, it must be terribly tempting for authors (not to mention publishers) to think about “Just One More”.

And that is where the Crossfire series made a mistake. The fourth book in the series, Captivated By You, was okay, I guess, but had none of the captivation (pun intended) of the original trilogy.

And I’m sad to say that One With You continued that run.

I struggled to find anything that happened. Until the last fifteen percent, the novel vacillated between reminiscing about previous events (such as what occurred with Nathan and Hugh) to day-to-day drudgery, which we all know is the reality of real life, but this is not supposed to be real life. Books are supposed to transport us to a magical world, to help us escape real life so we can, for a little while, dare to dream.

I love Sylvia Day’s writing – I’m a big fan – but I have to say I really wish she had ended the Crossfire series at the end of Book 3 – and left us all wanting more.

A rather paltry (and very difficult for me to give) three stars


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